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Our ambition is that every school in England has excellent governance which drives improved outcomes for children and young people.


  To achieve this, SGOSS- Governors for schools offers outstanding recruitment, placement and training services for skilled and committed people to be governors and trustees of schools and academies in England.


   Our organisation is unique because:



We have excellent relationships with blue chip companies, giving access to  skilled business people and helping companies develop thier employees.

arrow  Our service is bespoke which ensures schools get the skills they need.

We provide high quality e-learning induction and training, designed specifically for business people.

arrow We have Business Governor Networks which are a chance for governors to meet and share best practice.

History 2


detail history



17 years


Here at SGOSS

We pride ourselves on finding governors who are interested in the role for the right reasons and have the skill-set that schools need.





We are also effective in supporting school governing boards become more diverse: 

In a sector where it’s it’s difficult to recruit a diverse governing board:




The SGOSS recruitment service is highly recommended by schools.

In a survey of 1300 headteachers and chairs carried out in 2016:




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