Further Education Colleges are looking for skilled governors.


Colleges are autonomous multi-million pound businesses holding a strategic and central place within their communities and working to change lives.

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FE Colleges across England.





Budgets ranging from £2 million to over £100 million.





Employing from 50 to 1,000+ people.


Colleges provide a rich mix of academic and vocational education. It may be at any level above compulsory education, from basic training to Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree. As autonomous institutions incorporated by Act of Parliament they have the freedom to innovate and respond flexibly to the needs of individuals, business and communities.

The college governor role.


Establish a strategic framework.

Helping to set the college’s aims and objectives, including determining and reviewing the educational character and mission of the college.

Monitor and evaluate progress.

Asking the important questions: why are we doing what we do, is the strategy working, what are the outcomes for students?


Ensuring accountability.

Asking the difficult questions and guaranteeing the Principal and staff are accountable for how the college is run.

Reviewing stakeholder satisfaction

Obtaining the views of staff and students on the College’s educational character and mission and the oversight of its activities.


Allocate and control the college budget.

Ensuring the colleges resources are allocated to maximise impact on education of all students.

Appoint senior staff.

Including the responsibility of appointing a new Principal and setting the framework for the pay and conditions of junior staff

Do you have the skills to help a college plan strategically, control its budget and forge links with the local community and businesses?

The time commitment ranges from around 10 to 20 hours per term.
This will include up to two full Board meetings, committee meetings and preparatory reading.


You will sit on the Board - called a Corporation - of the college along with up to 20 other governors. Terms of office last for 4 years.

To find out more information about Further Education governance, please visit the Association of Colleges governance webpage

Apply to become a governor

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Who are SGOSS?

SGOSS – Governors for Schools was a 6 month pilot set up in 1999 by the Department for Education and we’re still here, still growing and still offering free services to volunteers, schools and employers. We are the school governor recruitment experts and our vision is for every school in England to have a diverse and effective governing body driving school improvement.

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