SGOSS and Eteach working in partnership to support education.


Eteach is the UK’s leading online education recruitment service. Its unique combination of extensive experience in the education sector and technological expertise enables schools to make significant savings in recruitment costs and attract the best candidates. It helps teachers and school staff develop their career by providing free, easy access to great jobs and career advice.

Great for schools


Eteach offers member schools:

    • Their own Career Site which is quick and easy to use, interactive, content rich and search engine optimised.
    • School and Regional Talent Pools which enable schools to collaborate in finding teachers, ensure a better candidate experience and further reduce recruitment costs. Schools can set up a Talent Pool of their own that attracts teachers who want to work in their school. They can also join a Regional Talent Pool, enabling them to access teachers who are interested in working in their region and share ‘surplus’ candidates with other schools.

…..and for teachers

Teacher numbers on  have been steadily growing and are currently at 700,000. The benefits include the number and range of vacancies in the UK and abroad, reinforced by the creation of a teacher community through newsletters and social media.


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